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The Gallery at Merritt Bookstore
The Gallery at the Merritt Bookstore is a newly renovated space on the second floor with a modern gallery hanging system. Shows change monthly. The Gallery lists with all the local magazines and papers.

Interested in an exhibition?
Artists or small groups of artists who are interested in exhibiting at The Gallery should email a proposal with a short desciption of the work and three photographs of the work to be exhibited, and provide all contact information. Proposals will be reviewed in a timely manner and we will be in contact regarding all submissions.

Currently on Display: Martin Lewis | Recent Works

"Recent Works"
an exhibition by photographer Martin Lewis
Opening reception, Saturday, March 11th at 4:00pm
On Display from March 11th to April 11th 


Martin Lewis has been interested in photography since his college days in the U.K. when he would spend long hours in the darkroom absorbed in creating traditional black and white images of the world he saw around him.  He has always been interested in recording the real world as he sees it, while finding the paradoxical counterpoints inherent in nature and the human world – the perfect structure of nature together with the imperfect – decay and chaos inherent in nature’s perfect creations.  Likewise in human activity, he has always enjoyed finding the art hidden away within man’s activities – abstractions within city structures, anomalies and whimsical juxtapositions within city and country life.


He has travelled widely and has a large body of work reflecting many of these interests.  The work in this exhibition is primarily from his most recent years spent in upstate New York in Dutchess and Columbia counties – landscapes reflecting the beautiful countryside and man’s part in shaping it; botanical works reflecting the structures deeply embedded within nature’s miraculous processes – most clearly seen as plants and flowers as they decay.  And most recently, a series of triptychs showing cross sections of fruits, revealing the inside perfection of nature as creator, set against the outside imperfection of the skins and casings in which this perfection is allowed to develop.


Martin lives with his wife Emma Sweeney, a literary agent, and their two dogs, Christy and Maddie, in their renovated farm at Sunset Hill Farm in Millbrook.