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Merritt Bookstore is an independently owned bookstore. We are located in the heart of the beautiful Hudson Valley, in the village of Millbrook, NY. We strive to connect our customers with great and entertaining works of literature written by the Hudson Valley's local authors as well as everybody's favorite global authors alike.We also offer a variety of toys, puzzles and games through the Toys of Merritt. Give us a call or stop by to chat with our friendly staff who will help you pick out your next favorite book. (845) 677-5857.
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FOR SALE: Merritt Bookstore & Toys of Merritt, located in the picturesque Village of Millbrook, N.Y., is a well-established bookstore which has built a solid customer base over its 30 plus years in business. With a passion to connect the right people to the right books, the business has hosted countless events in its historic building which offers a gallery space, ample parking, and easy travel access on a north-south corridor. Merritt Bookstore is noted as an “author’s bookstore”, with a great space in the upstairs gallery where many author lectures, workshops on writing and illustration, and other creative twists on events have been held . Merritt also enjoys a well-established network of partnerships for off-site events, festivals, conferences and book fairs. Merritt Bookstore has been nominated 3 times by Publishers Weekly (PW) for “Bookseller of the Year”.
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